Friday, 18 April 2014

Imagine a dream

Hello and Happy Easter to you all.

It's been a quiet day at home today, I resisted the urge to go in to work, but I will work tomorrow as the house will be empty. I have tidying to do as well as some prep and also the next batch of Claritystamps have arrived to do tv samples.

I still have a couple of last months samples to show you, here's one..

This one didn't end up anything like I imagined it, but that happens sometimes.

I used

Wordchain stamps

Fly away stamp

Poppy head stencil

Aperture stencil

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is marvellous! Very arty! Have a lovely Easter xx

  2. That's fabulous Maria! Xx

  3. fab when it turns out better than you planned , great artwork x

  4. Love it Maria - and yes, I've finally managed to post a comment!! Me and technology don't always mix

  5. beautiful. looks so effective xx