Monday, 21 April 2014


Happy Bank Holiday!

Good for those of you who work Monday to Friday yes?

It doesn't make much difference to me being self employed, but I'm used to it, I never got bank holidays off when I worked in community nursing either.

So if you got the day off, count your blessings...

This was made using the Lucky remountable stamp set and word chains.

The horseshoe is quite cool for this because its easy to cut the masks, I hate cutting fiddly bits.

I used my inkadinkado oval stamping cog for the shape but you can use a die cut oval, I showed my workshop gang how to do that accurately last month.


Have a great day and I hope the sun is shining for you today!



  1. Hi Maria

    Love how you have made this card using horseshoes. My daughter would love this as she keeps horses.

  2. Really like this card. I don't have the horse she stamp but I am sure I must have another stamp I can use in this way. Loved the white on white yesterday too Maria.

  3. Love this! A very very lucky card indeed! xx

  4. brill. those horseshoes make perfect petals xx