Sunday, 15 December 2013

Last one of the year

Good Morning!

Call me lazy but..I'm sat in bed blogging. I did work hard yesterday though.

It was the last Claritystampers Northwest class of the year, so we had to celebrate the year!

Most of the photos were too explicit to show you, honestly they get a whiff of a vol au vent and they go mental, It took me until midnight to clean up the tequila glasses and pull down the bunting they made out of their bras, there was knickers hanging from the Christmas tree (next to Jo's tassels).....Linda,Carol,and Jane are still waiting to be bailed out of Jail.

Ok so the bit about the tequila glasses wasn't true...but we did have vol au vents...


And we nearly lost Jo to the curtain monster..

And would you believe they managed to do a bit of Claritystamping before the riot squad turned up to replenish the Vodka and peanuts...

I've worked them all so hard all year that they need a month off!

Have a great Sunday, whatever your doing.


  1. Hubby xame and bailed me out! But the short atont "inside" was worth it. Great day good laughs fantastic projects and no hangover yay. Have a great break Maria its well deserved and we can start it all again next year. Xx

  2. And now just need to learn to type pny phone. CAME and STINT

  3. What fun we had! Thank you for such brilliant classes.xx

  4. Thanks for another fantastic workshop Maria..brilliant projects especially the I know what it is used company and the funniest when Harry met Sally moment ever....have a good rest over Christmas you will need it for next years exciting times....hugs....Jo.xxxx
    Going back behind the curtain now.........x

  5. OMG! What DID you lot get upto after I left. I remember the curtain monster & tasty buffet but bra buntting & vodka...? Thanks for many wonderful & fun crafting days Maria, I'm so glad I met you. Everyone at preston is so lovely & such a scream. You've all brightened up my life. Thanks everyone & a joyful christmas to you all. Looking forward to more frivolity (and crafting) in the new year. X

  6. I'm out!!!!
    Jo was lucky to get away from that curtain monster!
    Mark the teacher's pet nearly stole my brayer thinking I wouldn't notice!
    And we all had an amazing day! Thanks Maria... Looking forward to next year!

  7. Looks like fun was had by all xxxx

  8. Hi Maria
    Sounds like you all had fun. Have a lovely Christmas and hope to see you on C & C in the new year.

  9. Glad you all had a great time. Hope you all have a great christmas too xxx

  10. Had a great time on Saturday - lovely projects, as usual, and a magnificent buffet. I'd been wondering what happened to my bra! Thanks very much, Maria, for all your hard work over the last year - I've learned so much and had such fun. Looking forward to 2014's sessions. Wishing you all a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. See you all in February.