Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another journal page...

Hello there!

I was looking through my pics deciding what to show you and I spotted a pic of my most recently finished journal page...


I haven't picked my journal up in ages...

Just incase you where wondering about the bird on the right hand was an old stencil done with acrylic paint.

I think the owl eyes look spooky highlighted.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good day!


  1. Hi maria
    Sorry missed yesterday's post. On it you said people had asked about the embossing folder on Monday's post, and said here it is. Well, unless my computer is playing up the name of the folder was not on the post. So please please put it on your next post. Love your journal by the way.

  2. Fab pages I came on your blog to comment on Frosty and was met with this post I love it xx

  3. Hello Maria
    Thanks for the LINK to the embossing folder!
    Love today's blog too!
    Love Marg

  4. Lovely Maria and I like Mr Frosty too. I keep a journal too but I only ever write in it. I may sketch out some ideas but I never do the kind of work you do. It is lovely to see what you do with yours xxxx