Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fly over land, glide over lake...

Good morning, it's been a few days I know..

I'm hanging my head in shame and offer no excuses, although I have a couple.

Anyway, I'm here now, so here is another Clarity sample from the weekend.

I really enjoy brayering Canyon scenes and haven't had an excuse to do one for a while, I used Denim and Pitch Black inks to Brayer. I mixed the 2 sets of ducks together for this one, I googled to get the colours realistic but being honest I would have preferred doing powder blue to match the background, also I have mixed my 'bad' colours so I hope they look ok,my system of having everything Green and blue labelled clearly helps I think - oh the joys of being colour blind. The kids laugh at my fave colour being Orange, they say its because its the only colour I can actually see! Cheeky beggars.



  1. Morning Missus great card - liking the rebel at the bottom of the pic. great colours despite your affliction! xx

  2. Lovely card, Maria. Perfect for letting the stamps do the talking. I love your Canyon look. xx Maggie

  3. Wonderful card! Brilliant colours!!! xx

  4. beautiful card as always Maria xx