Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ship Ahoy

Good Morning

Another busy one for me, prep for my class at the weekend, my Clarity Take Two tv show next Tuesday, the premier of Ambers play, emptying shed no.2 ready to be pulled down, and I'm sure looking after cripple Steve will keep me busy in any spare seconds-Amber kindly gave him a little bell to shake when he needs something,thanks Amber.....not!

So I can safely say there will be no time to blog, so I'm scheduling before I go sleep..

I did this one with my Gelli, an ink pad and a couple of new stamps from Claritystamp.

I want to tell you all about the card but I'm struggling to stay awake, so goodnight but actually good morning when this goes live, are you confused, I am too....



  1. Wonderful card Maria, love the movement in the sky and sea. What an effect.

  2. Stunning card Maria. Loved this stamp set when I saw Barbara's show. Pat x

  3. Really Fabulous Card Maria, I am with Naomi on this I love the movement you have created. So clever.X

  4. Love this one Maria. I have always had a thing for old sailing ships. The Gelli Plate effects are stunning and really show the ships of wonderfully. x

  5. Fabulous card Maria gelli plate work is stunning . Looking forward to Saturday and if I could give you a few more hours in your day I would xx