Monday, 5 November 2012

I hate technology

Is it me or is it actually really tricky blogging on iPad?

So I thought I would look for an app....

Looking through reviews I spotted Jak Heath's name, obviously Jak does the same stuff as me on her blog so I'm assuming I need what she says is good, ok I'm giving Blogsy a go Jak.

Ok so I think I have linked to Jak's blog above?..

Let's see about pictures.

That was supposed to be below not above...try again

Ok that worked but text didnt want to go where i wanted it, this is not easy.....
What about linking a challenge?
Less is More. Pink
I'm cheesed off, will try again later.....maybe


  1. Hi Maria, when you work it out let me know please. I take photos with my iPad then upload to drop box, write blog post in notes on iPad , but put it together and post using laptop . So it would be easier all using iPad..........
    Your card is brilliant and I love the way you have off set the design. Looking forward to seeing you at the NEC. Hugs. X

    1. If I work it out I will go through it with you Jo, don't hold your breath though...... See you soon x

  2. Gorgeous card Maria huggles Jimbo xxxx

  3. Lovely card, Maria, especially that writing in the framework. I think I shall stick to my camera and computer, laptop or otherwise. I tend to avoid anything that came from Apple. Hope you get things sorted out to your satisfaction. xx Maggie

  4. How unusual is the sentiment and the colour of the leaves.

  5. Lovely card. I do like your bird background, border and the vibrant colour

  6. Lovely card and GORGEOUS graduated colours


  7. Beautifully colouring of the card!

  8. It looks like you managed really well on the iPad... it's something I've yet to attempt!
    This is a gorgeous card.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! love it and well done with the technology too! xx

  10. Hi Maria - did you get the "Blogger" app? Seems ok to me, bit where it places photos can sometimes be a bit random! x