Friday, 17 August 2012

And the Heart of the Season....

Good Morning
Im a little excited today, picking my new car up this afternoon!  I have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to the old one, I think he might have been cursed from birth there has been so many things gone wrong, but then again, even with all the probs and needing a second hand engine transplant at the age of 4 he has got me safely up and down for country without leaving me sat on the hard shoulder of the motorway!

Here is another Clarity sample using the new Christmas stamps.
I used Flitter Glu and Guilding flakes on this one.

Apologies for the dodgy pics, I was rushing to get them in the post.

I think this one is quite self explanatory isnt it?

Thanks for looking, have a good one!


  1. Gorgeous! Just got the flitterglu starter set & am looking forward to having a play.

  2. I like the border (Well you know me I like the whole card.....but is the border an spellbinder die?) it is lovely xxx like the blue as well for a Christmas card instead of red and green very classy. xx

  3. Gorgeous Maria, as usual. I love the Flitter glu and flakes, even if they do get everywhere!
    Enjoy the new car. Don't be too sad at saying goodbye to the old one - he's had a good run!
    See you next weekend - can't wait!! xx

  4. Love this one Maria! The border looks amazing must tell me how you did that when I see you!
    The dog got covered in the flakes the last time I used them! Serves him right for lying on my feet when I craft!
    See you soon! I can't believe its next weekend again! Great!

  5. Good luck with the new car, enjoy it. I love this card very expensive looking and classy.

  6. It is gorgeous - the border is fabulous - which die is it please? Thank you. Enjoy your new car xx

  7. Hi Maria, this card is so beautiful and the stamp works so well with the flakes. Enjoy your new car, you deserve it. See you soon. X

  8. This is gorgeous those hearts are stunning x

  9. Hi Maria, these are lovely stamps, I also like the boarder is this a die?