Monday, 18 July 2011

Planned meets Impromptu-what a weekend!

I just had to tell you about my weekend-it was great!
The planned part was taking Stevie to see Judas Priest on Saturday night, its been organised for months but I have not been able to blog about it because it was a surprise, and yes he was surprised! It was a fantastic night,worth every penny!
Rival Sons opened the show followed by Queensryche, then while AC/DC played in the background there was clearly a ton of people behind the curtain setting up for the main attraction..... And then the 'Epitath' curtain flew open and lasers, lights and flames went crazy and the whole place erupted!!!!
The gig bug has definitely bitten Stevie, "We need to start a list of bands we want to see dont we mum"  Luckily he doesnt have long to wait for the next one, I have tickets for Iron Maiden on the 28th!

The impromptu part was Doncaster Racecourse, I decided a few days ago I would go because I have never been to any of the shows apart from the Happy Stampers in Port Sunny, which is 5 minutes from home!
Anyway, I hot footed around to see my lovely friend Barbara on the Claritystamp stall and ended up lending a hand, the whole gang (Barb,Grace,Elaine,Annette,Heather & Dave) worked soooo hard!  Barb then terrified the life out of me by saying " Do me a favour? take over for me so I can grab a quick break? "   Can you believe it-me standing in for The Actual Queen of Inkyness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I did, and the people didnt even pelt me with rotten tomatoes, actually they were all lovely! At one point I looked up and spotted two familiar smiling faces-Paul Church and Barbara standing at the back of the crowd watching me, luckily my demo went ok!!
What a fantastic experience, thank you so much Barbara and the gang. Thank you also to all the people who stopped to talk to me about my crafty work- Stamping and Hunkydory! And I definitely have to say thanks to Paul for the delicious Brownies!!

I didnt get photos at Doncaster, but I did manage a couple at the gig!

Queensryche were seriously good, never paid them much attention in the past-shame on me!

The wait for Judas Priest was undescribable,as soon as the Epitath curtain lit up the atmosphere in the crowd was electric!

I think this speaks for itself!

Rob was dressed in a shiny gold cloak here with a matching trident, looked fantastic!

 The noise when he rode the bike on was LOUD!


  1. I didn't realise Judas priest were still around looks like a great night though what a suprise and glad you had a great day at the don show too fancy taking over from queen B herself see she has faith in you must have been nerve racking seeing her standing watching though I'd have had the shakes from hell lol
    Jacki xx

  2. Wow Maria what a weekend!! you sounded as if you had a fabulous time and Steve was totally surprized that's lovely, no you couldn't really write about it on your blog as you say if Steve had found out it wouldn't of been a surprise for him, its nice that you did get to Doncaster and that you got to do your demo and to see a few familiar faces a weekend to savour!!:) Sandra H

  3. Lovely to meet you at the show Marie and I hope to see you again soon. Crafty hugs :)

  4. Hi Marie, please take a look at my blog. You will get what I hope is a nice surprise :)