Monday, 11 July 2011

A little help with the box card.

This is for anybody who is unsure about putting the 'Twas the Night' box card together.  I didnt have everything at hand because I am not at work today,so i had to dig around the mountain of leftovers on my desk at home, but I found enough to show you how to do it!

Put double sided tape around aperture, for Acetate, and on left side panel for image & decoupage.

Put high tack tape around 3 sided as below

Attach your image panel and Acetate as below( I didnt have any Acetate,so just pretend i did!!)

Trim about 1cm from the outside edges of your decoupage layers, so they dont get in the way when you put box together, as below (i could only find 1 piece!) attach all layers using pads/pinflair.

Crease all score lines. Remove high tack tape from ONE of the 3 sides and square up the corner of your box frame as below, I know it looks kak-handed in picture-it was one handed because the other hand was taking the picture!! lol

With your corner nice and flush close the frame over the image panel on this side.

Remove the tape and close the second side making sure it is flush, now the final side should just slot inside as if you are closing a box, just keep the sticky away from the inside until you are happy it is nice and flush.

Final tip, I recommend you use both hands for yours!!


  1. Hi Maria, Your Tutorial is brilliant to follow it's nice to be shown something one in a while rather than instructions from a piece of paper it's easy to follow and l'm sure more of us bloggers will agree, thank you:) Sandra H

  2. I used both hands Maria lol! Well done for sharing this.

  3. Your boxed card looks so pretty, love the dimension.