Saturday, 2 October 2010

My poor little Milly

Well what a day so far!  I spent this morning at the vet with my Milly,somehow she has torn one side of her lip off!!  I think the car took itself to the vet cause i could barely see the road for crying.  She has had antibiotics,painkillers and anti inflammatory's and i have daily meds for her until she goes back on Tuesday. Luckily Steve and Amber stayed at my Mum and Dad's last night so they dont know-Amber especially will freak!  So i arranged for them to stay out for the weekend,hopefully by the time they see Milly her mouth will start to heal and not look as bad. You cant see it in this pic and i decided not to put a pic of her mouth cause its gruesome-my poor little girl!
Fortunately i have managed to get her to eat  some of her nuggies (Burgess's Finest) as long as it doesnt touch the outside of her mouth, and i just diced some apple and pear into tiny little pieces-she is tucking into those now.
As yet its a mystery how it happened,i cant find anything sharp or jagged in the house that could have caused it,  i also checked the run in the garden for sharp bits, now i need to drag the panels of the old shed out and see if there is any nails at the bottoms of those-Milly and Saphire wont be playing out until its sorted!
I will let you know how she goes over the next couple of days.


  1. Hi Maria, OMG I do feel for your, poor little Milly! I do hope she is on the mend soon, they do get themselves into some scrapes don't they?
    She looks just like our Fudge Lion's Head bun, but ours eats so much, she is double the size.

    Take care and give her a big hug for us, hugs Heidi xx

  2. Oh No! Poor little fluff!!
    Give her some BIG healing hugs from me hun!
    Teri xx

  3. Poor Milly I hope she feels better soon. Am sending hugs, from Me & dougal. Mary XXX

  4. awwwww poor little thing, I hope she makes a speedy recovery and you manage to find what may have cause her injury.

    Keryn x

  5. Oh my poor Milly that is awful. Please do let me know how she gets on. I know how you are feeling had a similar mystery with my Blossom but it was her leg. Poor little Milly thinking of you both x x