Thursday, 18 May 2017

Charm meets Beauty

Good afternoon!
I thought I'd blog a step by step for the Groovi project I did on Hochanda yesterday, be rude not as I actually remembers to take pics!
Emboss 3 sides of the largest postage stamp, check picture to see where I stopped...
Move parchment along to extend the postage stamp into a rectangle 
Use the nested scalloped rectangle plate to add an internal frame
Using a spare piece of parchment, make a template for the stamp and postmark, use this to position the postmark first.

Now add the postage stamp
Emboss the head, torso, and lower leg from the Charm plate
Change over to the Beauty plate to put the skirt in place
Return to Charm, add the rest of the legs into place, fill in any gaps.
Add a couple of swirly ribbons

Use the straight Piercing grid emboss two rows of dots as in picture.

Use 6mm and 4.5mm ball tools to add a little white work, rest between layers-the parchment not you.

To colour, mask off the inside frame and use Dorso Crayons and Dorso Oil to blend around the bottom edges. Use Pergaliners to colour the images.

To finish the piece, pierce and snip, or just cut around the scallops.
Cut a piece of paper from the Brighton Rock paper pad, needs to be the size of the inside frame.
Use brads to secure artwork and paper to an A5 card blank made from thick acetate.

Hope you like the project, I certainly enjoyed making it.
Thanks for stopping by
Maria x


  1. Loved this demo! Really fabulous result too! Looking forward to seeing your next show! Xxx

  2. I love the parchment on the acetate Maria, it looks so clean and smart!

  3. That is so clever! Changing the dancer's legs and arms. Brilliant. That opens up the plates all over again. Thanks for opening my eyes to that one Maria xxx