Friday, 11 September 2015

Finish it Friday #9

Good Morning folks!

It's Friday again, so another Finish it Friday project is in order.

This one is using up a little demo practice piece from when I was experimenting with distress markers to create a landscape.

I was pleased that I achieved the look I wanted.

To finish it off, I just needed to ink the edges and stamp a tree!
Hope you like it.
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.



  1. Amazing pieces you are creating from leftovers. This is lovely. xx

  2. It's lovely. The effect you have on the 'ground' part is amazing.x

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  4. Weird or cool? We were posting at the same time and used the same superlatives Lynne Bishop.xx

  5. Blummin brilliant. I wish I could have got my head round this technique. Xxx

  6. What a lovely serene scene, I could just imagine sitting under that tree xx