Monday, 10 March 2014

A tit?...or an eagle!

Happy Monday!

Yes I know lots of you hate Mondays, so does Bob Geldof and the boomtown rats, but we just have to get on with it don't we, so lets smile regardless ok?

I will be busy at the hub prepping for tomorrow at Crafts 4 U 2 Do in St Helens, we are playing with some tasty Clarity stencils with inks pastes glitters and flakes. I will also be tidying my desks so it looks nice on Thursday- sorry to bore you but it's my first class at the hub, and it's sold out, and I'm excited...

Anyways, before I hyperventilate from excitement, lets look at a card...

Now lots of you will long remember that tv show with Barbara and Dean, the design team had a book running to guess how many times they would say Tits on live telly!

The demo Barb did was stunning as was the artwork from the team, I wanted to be a rebel (I know!) and use other colours so it didn't look like a tit (sorry) so when I finished this I thought it looked a little like an eagle ish, with the big wide wingspan, Native American feel maybe, what do you think?

Hope you like my tits/eagles!

Ps, the Linky thing isn't working on my blog app so I can't link to the stamps etc today, sorry.


  1. Hi Maria , yes they look rather like eagles and beautiful too. Enjoy your first classx

  2. loving the shades you used here. very tranquil and peaceful. have fun at your class xx

  3. Love your tits / eagles. Have a fabulous day on thursday xx

  4. Yes I agree Maria bit of a north American look to your ahem birds. Super card, have a good day on Thursday xx

  5. Gorgeous set of "birds " Maria. Lucky folks who are joining you on Thursday. Xx

  6. Stunning card and perfect in everyway x

  7. lovely card,colours are great. Look look what do you see? is it a plane or an eagle. Missed you and Barbara at SECC at weekend

  8. Hi maria
    Another stunning card today. Definitely an eagle. love the colours you have used as well.