Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Gellied Douglas...

Yep I've been AWOL again,sorry!

I will try to make up for it by scheduling a few posts tonight.

I started prepping today ready for next Tuesday, me doing Clarity on the telly!!!! Who would have thought it..

Before I get too carried away, here is one of my samples from the weekend.


Now I don't know where I got this from but, I thought his name was Frank, but it's actually Douglas, doesn't even sound like it!

Anyways, I used one of my practice Gelli Plate backgrounds for the frame and paper pieced the trousers with a matching off cut.

Hope you like it!



  1. Oh I think it's brilliant. A great men's card too!

  2. Certainly do. Waiting for my gelli plate to arrive.Thanks Maria. Looking forward to next Tuesday good luck although I'm sure you wont need. Will you have your assistant Amber with you lol!!

  3. What a great card - Douglas is ace another stunning background too xx

  4. Fab card Maria xxx love that background