Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Mail have got my TV Clarity cards!!!!

I am soooooooooo annoyed!!!!! I posted some Clarity samples direct to Create & Craft so they would be there on time for Barbara because everything has been crazy this month with kids being off school, work, pick of the week & my tv debut, tons of bank holidays etc. Anyway, i paid a shedload of money for guaranteed Saturday delivery and guess what- according to the track an item page on royal mails website my package is being held for delivery on Monday!!!!!

So i better show some on here instead.

Will show you some more later, i may or may not be calmer by then! Deep breaths Maria.


  1. They are lovely Maria - I'm just practising with my first purchases from last weekend, and fortunately they are selling out so quickly that my mind is being made up for me as to whether to buy any more.

  2. Beautiful cards, was listening for a mention of your name and wondered what had happened, I know how disapointed you must be, I remember how I felt when c&c ran out of time for steve to demo my card. But with all the beautiful cards you make I'm sure we'll see loads of yours next time. Looking forward to seeing your other cards, Hugs, Mary x

  3. Oh no! Poor you, you must be disappointed ;(
    Your cards are, as always, gorgeous and I'm sure we'll get to see them on the TV next time xx

  4. You must be totally gutted and seething with rage. They are such beautiful cards too, and deserved a good airing on the programme. I hope you, at least, get your money back from the Royal Mail, although nothing can really put things right.