Thursday, 20 January 2011

Im a sucker for a sob story!

 No crafting again yet today, still working around yesterday's distaraction, i said i would show you didnt i.  Well, i went to Bromborough to buy a bag of bunny nuggies for Milly & Saphire and came home with
1 large bag of nuggies
1 pack of willow sticks
1 new bunny des-res
2 boy bunnies!!!!
and an empty purse
This is Jakey,the cute little one!

This is Sam,the rough & ready one!

They are both 2 years old best mates, apparently the previous owner had to move and was unable to take the babies, so they needed adopting. They have been sat in a pen since Oct/Nov cause nobody wanted them-they had to be adopted as a pair, i think there would be plenty of takers for Jakey becuase he is a cutie but Sam is bigger and has more in the personality department than cuteness.

So last night, (somewhere between fitting the 2 kids/2 bunnies/a hutch in the car, washing/drying Steve's footy kit, taking Steve to footy,keeping bunnies safe from a jealous Milly bun while i did the afore mentioned, and feeding everybody)  i had to put the hutch together in the dark while Stevie & Amber and the 2 boy bunnies watched a movie in Amber's room.  Both bunnies looked quite happy on Amber's bed, Sam tried to "be friendly" with Softy the bear- Amber asked if that meant Sam was gay?  oh the joys!!

Today i carefully introduced the boys to Saphire bun, they didnt try to kill each other so they may become friends but Milly will not tolerate them, she was running from one room to another last night making sure they were not in the house.
Anyway thats enough from me, im off now to put a sign up outside the house
'Mad Rabbit Woman's Pet Sanctuary'

See you tomorrow with a card!


  1. Oh Maria, what a mad house, sounds like a hoot!!! Bet it wasn't for you at the time though!! Lets hope they all get along in the end!!!lol
    Dawn xxx

  2. This totally made me laugh, especially about Milly hopping from room to room looking for the new bunnies. Hope they settle in fast and all become friends!

  3. How sweet of you to take the guys home with you. They will have a happy life in your family.
    More people like you! :)

  4. You crack me up hun! Reminds me of our bunny - he was 'very friendly' with his housemate the guinea pig! Hard to explain to a five year old!!

  5. Erm did you say boy bunnies? And you already have girly bunnies? Erm don't you need to keep em seperated? Lovely story. I'm a sucker when it comes to cats. Couldn't resist the old sob story. Even built a special pad in the garden for them. I had nineteen at one point but now just down to 3 oldies. The cat house is ear marked to become my craft room eventually as not used anymore by the remaining cats who live indoors in luxury!