Sunday, 5 September 2010

Just had to show you this

This is our Saphy, full title Sapphire Marigold Simms.  We adopted her a few weeks ago but this is actually the 1st time she has sat still long enough to take her photo properly!  Does she look like an adorable little darling or what-WRONG WRONG WRONG!! she is a naughty little girl. She has chewed the stairs in her lovely big expensive house/hutch,she has chewed through the wire mess to escape from her play run,she has chewed the side of my shed,and on one of the few occasions she has been let loose in the house she has completely severed the power cord to Amber's lecky blanket!   She is never going to be a house rabbit like Milly, but we love her just the same. (until she chews any of my craft stuff,then im afraid she is headed for the slow cooker) Only kiddin Amber. xx


  1. She is so cute, am missing my boy so much, just want to cuddle everyone, so sending Saphy a cuddle, and lots of hugs. Mary x

  2. Yey another bunny lover!
    She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!! just like my Blossom. She use to be a house rabbit but she liked chewing hubby's wires for his xbox....whoops!!!
    But you gotta love em!! Check out my About me page & see pics of my 3 buns. Was 4 but sadly my Lilly was old & she's gone to bunny heaven :-(