Saturday, 31 July 2010

The end is nigh. Noooooooooooooo!

I might be slightly traumatised,no- i definitely am. This is the last morning i will wake up in my 30's,when i wake up tommorrow i will be 40 and have inch deep wrinkles,be 95% grey, and my boobs will be lower than my knees!!!
I have one last hope (which my mum says wont work,cause she tried it) i could buy a huge container load of pro-plus and never ever ever go to sleep,will that mean i stay 39 forever or am i deluding myself????
Yes i hear you,ok im off shopping instead then-i will need;
1. A skip load of polyfilla from Birkenhead building supplies.
2. Lots of permanent hair dye from Boots
3. A bloody good bra from Cammell Laird ship builders!!!
Me today.
Me tommorrow!!!


  1. Don't panic Maria!! Turning 40 isn't as bad as you might think :)
    I turned 40 in January and I found it easier than when I turned 30! Just remember 40 IS THE NEW 30 xx

  2. Birthday Wishes, and dont worry it doesn't hurt. The main thing is to enjoy yourself whatever age you are. Mary x

  3. Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful time! I've only got about eighteen months to go to catch up with you!!

    Helen x

  4. Aagh thank you girls! on the bright side,i am looking forward to breakfast in bed from Stevie and Amber,then out with mum & dad in the evening.x

  5. PMSL, wow what a fab photo! I am sure I am twinned with it, lol! Forty wasnt too bad, forty one and since have been better! I will be turning 46 in a month and it can only get better, lol! xxx