Friday 1 June 2018

Try again...Help

Hello! I’ve been thinking about my blog for a while, feeling guilty because it’s so neglected! Truthfully though, I just seem to be unlucky with apps for blogging on my iPad, I did have a good one called Blogsy and then they got rid of it, so I need to know what other people who blog on iPad use, because I really do miss sharing my piccies and projects with you. So let’s see if I can make a successful post here...

Nope, not gonna work, I clicked on the icon to add picture (it looked like an icon to add picture, little mountains?) and it just says ‘focus the editor before applying any command’ ermmmmm ok?

So do you blog on iPad? What app do you use? Help...


  1. Sorry I don't blog using my IPad although I have the Blogger App. I always blog on my computer cause I know how to do that. It will be cool if you do start blogging again! Good luck! xxx

  2. I have had the same trouble for years now Maria with Blogspot and blogs. I started off as a Blogger and really miss it. I have about 20 “Draft Posts”! Am thinking of seeing if I can start again with Vista print but it’s not free and you loose all your followers to start again?

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